Days After Your Departure

Days After Your Departure


"Days After Your Departure" is a passion project that I have been heavily immersed in creating over the last five years. After losing my mom to a battle with cancer, I knew that writing would continue to be my faithful catharsis. In this collection of written work, I candidly explore facets of my life that had undergone a drastic change. "Days" is best described as a multimedia memoir formed by a tapestry of prose, poetry, and photography (Rog Walker). Like a work within a work, the book's design (Cleon Grey) adds a layer of visual storytelling to create a more engaging narrative. Sharing my journey in faith, manhood, and mental health is my way of healing further while encouraging others to confront---as well as to make peace with---the delicate nature of their own lives.

Matte Hardcover

6x8 inches

140 pages (uncoated)

ISBN: 978-0-692-91593-6

Limited Edition of 250

Published by Joekenneth, NYC

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